All Done

We are done. We are home and now the stories and memories are all that remain of our time in Costa Rica.
We had our ups and downs. Kids, we as chaperones, were a bit worried about turned out to some of the brightest lights on our trip and others surprised us in other ways.
Kids hung out with and spoke to other students that they had never spoken to before. We saw some special friendships develop that may never have seen the light of day if not for this trip. It was educational both in an ecological and social sense. Kids were forced to step outside their comfort zones and dig deep to complete tasks. Most were successful, some were not.
There will be mixed reviews about this trip. We had bad tasting water for the first four days, but freshly made fruit juice. We had physical and home sickness, we had contests and games. We had to do our own dishes (gasp)! There was boredom and excitement, the bread lady and volleyball games. Sunburns were common even when bathed in sunscreen because we were working and playing hard and sweating it all off. Most of us are peeling somewhere. There were ant bites and black flies and the odd mosquito, but there was also anti itch lotion (thanks Mr. Lester), aloe (thanks Ms. Bolyard), and relaxing in the shade to the sound of Ms. Hook’s Ukulele.
So whether your child enjoyed the trip, or not, whether they are glad they came, or not, your child learned something on this trip, whether they recognize it or not. It may be something deep and meaningful, it may be a realization about themselves or others or it may simply be that this type of trip is not for them. Regardless, they have grown as individuals, have seen how others live, have helped in some capacity to protect the critically endangered Leatherback Sea turtle, and will no doubt remember this trip for the rest of their lives; even if it is just to tell their children how when they were younger they spent a full 10 days with no internet. 🙄
It was my pleasure to escort these 27 students on such a trip and I do hope they can eventually look back on it fondly and as something done that was worthwhile.

A turtle Michelle Z made out of napkins during our final dinner in Costa Rica. Sent from my iPhone

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One thought on “All Done

  1. Sandra Margawang

    Thank you for escorting our kids to Costa Rica! This is definitely an experience that Kayla will never forget. We had so many laughs when she shared her adventures with us. Thank you again to the teachers!



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