Day 4

Today began much the same way as most other days, but there was no hatchery work today. Instead, we walked down the beach to Rio Pacuare and took a boat across the river mouth. It’s not far, or deep, but apparently that’s where the sharks and alligators like to hang out because the food is plentiful. So safer on the boat. Once across we walked over to the new Quelonios project, which is the project we worked with two years ago. Sadly, their base from two years ago was overtaken by poachers and they had to move, however, they are in a much better location so it worked out for the best. We had quick visit with them, and then wandered over to the local cantina where the kids were very excited to be able to get a cold drink. We also had a local open some young coconuts so the kids could try fresh coconut water. Once we got back, we had a fun activity called the “Turtle Olympics”. The kids were split into three teams and had to compete in a variety of activities. The winning team each won their own fresh coconut, opened properly, so they could drink the water inside. It was nice to see that even though only one team won, most of the kids enjoyed a taste of the water as the winners quite graciously shared their spoils with the rest of us.

Once the coconuts were consumed, a local woman who had made fresh sweet bread came by and the kids bought out her stock – it is quite delicious. We then made our way to the ocean for some fun water time, but had to end earlier than some would have liked (even though we were in there for over an hour), because the tides were beginning to pull a bit more strongly. That was certainly one of the highlights of the day, and they are looking forward to going again tomorrow.

A few more sick kids today, but the ones that were feeling sick yesterday are feeling better, so it seems to be on about a two day rotation.

Darcie Hook 

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One thought on “Day 4

  1. XIAOWEI(Derek 's mom)

    Yesterday they were so tired when we met them at the airport. Derek told me that he was sick too. After a good sleep he is in a good mood today and told me about his experience in Costa Rica!



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