Day #14 – That’s All Folks!

Day #14: Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

What a roller coaster ride this trip has been! (Haha get it? ‘Cause we rode roller coasters while we here! I crack myself up). The two week trip in Florida has come to an end! It already seems like ages ago that we arrived and were working on the farm, and now we’re all packing our things getting ready to fly out tomorrow.

We spent our final day at Magic Kingdom – this is the part of Disney that is most recognizable as it has the large-scale Disney Castle in the middle. We participated in probably the best educational seminar of the trip learning about the physics behind the rides in amusement/theme parks and the numerous factors that engineers need to consider while building roller coasters and other attractions. The best part: a ride they normally run in the dark, they turned the lights on, let us ride it, then turned off the lights and let us ride it again. We used these tactics to assess the various forces and energies involved to make it run smoothly. Following this excellent tour, we spent the whole day under the intense warmth of the sun participating in as many activities as possible. As we waited for the fireworks, many of us left the park and perched ourselves under a large tree for shade and relax our tired muscles and minds and get attacked by ducks (that was just me, but that left an emotional scar). At the end of the day we got to experience the much anticipated fireworks of Magic Kingdom that closes out the day.

Not to be cliché, but if there is one word to describe this trip, it would be ‘educational’. As a chaperone, I learned probably more than I needed to know about the life of millennial teenagers. As students, they not only learned about the technology, physics, finances, and engineering of rides, the upkeep and care of Animal Kingdom and a large ranch, and how to use a rake and shovel manure, but I truly believe that they also learned a lot about themselves as well. Friendships formed, discussions began, intense cards games unraveled true feelings, and most of all, they had fun while doing it. It was a pleasure to see the kids step away from their technology-ridden generation and lifestyle and experience farm life, upkeep, and maintenance, as well seeing them discuss world issues and start huge UNO matches.

It is my hope that the students will return to Vancouver and bring back the work-ethic, outside-of-the-box thinking, new friendships and knowledge instilled upon them throughout these two weeks. Although this may be my last official blog post, I will also be posting more pictures shortly, but also combining all photos taken by myself and Ms. Boyd when we get back. Ms. Boyd and I had a great (exhausting) time on this trip, and the students were a joy to be around (except when they’re tired). We look forward to any future trips that the kids may choose to attend and we get to chaperone.

Over and out.

Drew Currie

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