March 19th 2017 (day 9) ENP to Chiang Mai

Today was spent as a gap day between the finishing of our stay at the Elephant Nature Park, and the beginning of the 3 day trek we will embark on tomorrow. We spent our morning going over plans and wrapping up anything and everything we still had to do in preparation, and sorting out what we would have to do later in the day. Our guide, Yo, from the Journey to Freedom portion of our trip took us around the perimeter of the ENP to introduce us to several of the elephants and talk about their disabilities, and why they were where they were. After several heart wrenching stories of abuse or accidents that left elephants crippled, we wrapped up our tour and packed our bags. We ate one last hearty lunch before we left on a provided bus courtesy of the ENP. Eventually we arrived in Chiang Mai, at the Muan, the hostel we were going to spend the night. Things developed very quickly and issues appeared faster than we thought we could deal with, but we managed to put several plans in place in order to help make sure an injured team member could stay safe, but hopefully still stay on the trip with us. In the end we all jumped to the challenge, worked as a group, and got everything sorted just in time for dinner.


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