Day #12 – Gamma Rays and the Harry Potter Craze…Oh and Blue People

Day #12: Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Florida

‘Twas 3 days before the trip is over, and the students slowly made their way down for breakfast in the hotel lobby, groggy eyed, yet intrigued as to what the day had in store for us. This is because today we were going to Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and you know what that means? BIG RIDESSSSSS!!

We’ve been on a streak of very early morning, but today everyone had a sort of pep in their step. As we drew nearer to the Universal Park, the excitement, fear, and nervousness started to creep its way to the surface of each student’s demeanor. Our educational tour was quite fun this morning in that we have started the discussions of theme/amusement park finances, advancements in technology, physics of the rides, and a background of the development and growth of the parks. We entered areas of the park that were not yet open and had a chance to ride a dark ride with the lights on, then ride it again with the lights off and the 3D screens on. It was a very educational experience allowing us to witness the inner workings of rides, with the inclusion of the maintenance and performance testing area.

But enough with that educational stuff, get to the good stuff Mr. Currie! THE HULK ROLLER COASTER WAS AWESOME! The only of its kind in the world, we got to experience first-hand (and by-passed all crowds and in the front rows) 0-60mph, uphill, in 2 seconds. With 4G’s exerted upon our eager bodies, we twisted and turned at an unimaginable speed. What a rush!

With the scorching sun beating down upon us in the cloudless sky, the students wandered the park on their own following the tour, experiencing the wonderful world of Harry Potter, numerous rides, water park rides, and amusement shows. Following a delicious dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant, we attended the Blue Man Group show. What an incredible experience! For those reading that are unsure of what this show is, it is 3 men that are painted blue, using numerous PVC piping and alternate forms of percussive instruments to create incredible sounds, whilst engaging the crowd in an extremely comedic and emotional fashion. All the while, they stay silent; they only use facial expressions to communicate. Absolutely incredible experience!

Tomorrow we are heading back to the second half of Universal Studios Park.

Time for an early bed! ‘Cause you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…in the morning (…please tell me you understood that Hulk reference).

The pictures below are a mix of yesterday and today.

Drew Currie

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