Day #8 – Transition Day – From Farm To City

Day #8: Mims, Florida and Orlando, Florida – And I suppose all the space in between…

We have reached the halfway mark! Waking up at the KOA was a little hectic this morning. Knowing that everyone had to pack their dirty laundry, everyone decided to do their laundry all at the same time this morning. And well, needless to say, that was quite the sight. There was detergent everywhere (I’m not pointing any fingers….Daniel and Jonathan), there were arguments for dryers (Zee Ann), and meanwhile everyone was freezing because they grew accustomed to warm weather and they woke up to a chilly day.

Following the clean-up of the cabins and the amazing intricacy of packing all the MASSIVE bags that people brought (I’m still bitter), we went back to the ranch for lunch and some final goodbyes. Lunch was amazing, and following that, we got to witness two horses paint with their noses (see pictures attached). We are bringing the paintings back with us!

We finally made it to Orlando! Our hotel is situated just outside the Walt Disney World area and we are looking forward to the adventures of the educational tours and magical kingdoms. Also, I’m super pumped for some HUUUUUUGE rollercoasters. We met up with our great guide John who will be leading all our educational tours for the rest of the week. There will be very early mornings and late nights, so the kids will be so full of knowledge and excitement that they may even forget they have a phone to look at for once!

I will end this post with the quote of the day from a student. Let me set the tone of the story. The majority of the group was gathered in the laundry room at the KOA. My laundry had just finished drying, so I pulled up a chair to put it on after I folded it while I took it out of the dryer. One of our students, Denise, looks at me and says “Mr. Currie! Are you folding your laundry?!?” to which I reply hesitantly “Yes, I am…” “But…why?? Your parents aren’t here to yell at you to fold it! Just shove it in your suitcase!”

There you have it folks…the minds of teenagers.

Tomorrow is the Kennedy Space Centre!

To infinity and beyond!

Drew Currie

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