Day #7 – Footsteps On The Trails

Day #7: Mims, Florida; Fort Christmas; Orlando Wetlands Park

We started our day with the usual morning chores. We cleaned the pens, fed the horses and some of the lucky ones who volunteered to take the “mystery job” – which created quite a few conflicts – got to walk the dogs. It was an unusually cold day so students and volunteers had to pull out the sweaters they expected to leave in their bags for the entire trip. After the chores, we all got onto our buses to head to Fort Christmas. We got there after appreciating Mr. Currie’s fabulous singing and driving (especially the singing).

We got off our buses to have a picnic in the nearby playground. All of us(including our teacher) had a throwback to our childhood and ran about the playground like were went back in time. Unfortunately, our mindsets were not enough to prevent us from being stuck on the slides when we tried to slide down nor was it enough to stop the monkey bars from shaking rigorously when we held on them. Some kids thought better about their increased sizes and decided to climb an actual tree. Luckily, none of us fell down or cracked our bones. We had lunch outside, some in the sun and some in the shades(some too hot, some too cold).

Now, here comes the more interesting yet slightly boring part of our day. We drove to the Orlando Wetlands Park to ride the horses. Only six students were allowed to go on the trails at once due to the number of the horses. Therefore, the rest of our population had to wait for another one to three more hours. We used the skills we have obtained from our Physical Education class and created awesome games to kill time.

The horse ride was even better than we thought. The scenery was beautiful, and we were greeted by a few kind alligators poking their eyes out from the streams. Everyone was able to appreciate these sharp-toothed creatures staring at us and the horses. We had special moments where we could really communicate and connect to the horses. After we came back to the ranch we had our last supper and although it was a long day(we had dinner at around 9), we all enjoyed our last full day with horses. We went back to KOA, highly thankful of the fact that we could sleep in the following day.

Zee Ann Lee

PS. Ms. Boyd would like to point out that the “playground” was actually a historical park complete with replica fort and homesteads explaining the history of the area. Remarkably, the jungle gym was of far more interest.

PPS. We were told by the locals to dress warmly as temperatures were going to go all the way down to 70 (about 21 degrees Celsius). As good Canadians, we chuckled.

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