Our Last Day in Chacaya

March 17, 2016

Title: Our Last Day in Chacaya

This was our last day in Chacaya working with the Guatemalan students. In the morning, it was the same as usual, eat breakfast, get packed up, and walk to Chacaya. When we got to the school, we spent most of our time working on co-bricks and murals.

In the afternoon, we came back to Chacaya for more working, and this time we spent most of our time working on making new furniture and more eco-bricks. After this, we spent our last few hours playing soccer and basketball. We got teamed up with the Chacaya students and also got separated into seven teams.

At last, we gave thanks to the Chacaya students for being so friendly and cooperative, they also gave thanks to us for giving them the materials and vacation time to help them. When we got back, we had our own café night. Tiger and Mr. Banack did card tricks, Echo played drums, and Zee Ann, Mary, Alfred, Eric H., Mark, Ally, and Jessica sang. It was a great day to spend our last day there!

By Dennis, Logan, Eric X., and Tiger


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