Work and Shop

This morning was much like the other days. We left right after breakfast and when we got to the school we were divided into three different groups. However, most of the furniture building was done, and more parts won’t arrive until tomorrow. Instead, one group was painting the inside wall white (so perfectly that changed the entire atmosphere of the school).

I was painting the outside wall with some Chacaya children like I was yesterday. However, I noticed that painting in the morning and painting in the afternoon is a really different thing. The sun was shining right at me and I could feel the pain of the painters from the past who were colouring the walls in the morning.

Most students were working on eco-bricks, and when I visited them to give them some plastic bags, I noticed that their skills have improved immensely (they became a pro). Their bricks were so high quality and the working speed was much faster. All of us worked really hard and one of the reasons was that we had something waiting for us in the afternoon.

Today after lunch, we did not go back to the school. Instead, we went to a village for a workshop and souvenir shopping. We had a chance to visit one of the women cooperation groups. These women are the people who have gathered to help each other and the community as a whole after the war that took their loved ones away from them. They made beautiful bead accessories and various kinds of cloth products. All of their cloths are dyed with natural substances, and we had a chance to look at the making process of all of these products.

After this, we had time for shopping for about an hour. We bought gifts for the family and friends that are waiting for us back home (For you!). We also bought snacks (lots of them) because we are watching a movie today. We are watching a movie called “Wall-E” and actually, the movie is playing right now. I think this is the climax of the movie. I hear cheering and laughing so I think it is a happy ending. Thank you and have a happy day.

By Zee Ann

Well done catching us up, Zee Ann.  We have one more day of work ahead of us, and then we begin our journey home.  In addition to the artisan items of today, I know that many parents will receive gifts of dirty laundry!  (We’re working hard.)  Help us keep their brilliant attitudes of helping others going at home – make them wash it all themselves!  Everyone is happy and healthy, the food has been fantastic, and it is wonderful to be in place with a 9PM bedtime.  Have a good sleep.  We’ll be listening to the frogs sing.

Miss Payne


One thought on “Work and Shop

  1. Maha

    The pictures look fantastic ! Obviously the weather is totally agreeing with you guys! You are a bunch of such hard workers! I am really impressed. We miss you , Avy !
    Can’t wait to hear your stories and experiences when you get back!

    Anika says “Come home soon!!”

    Liked by 1 person


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