The Smurfs Really get to Work

March 15, 2016

As shown in the picture, everyone was wearing the Guatemala shirt today because it was a picture day. A cameraman came and took pictures and videos of what we did and how we spent our day. Teachers and students even did some interviews about the trip. We left for the school almost right after breakfast for the Chacaya school. We continued working on the things that we started yesterday (painting, building furniture, and eco-bricks).

Unlike yesterday, we were divided into three groups from the very beginning. We worked very hard in the groups that we belonged to until lunch, and we came back to the yoga farm for lunch. After that, we went back to school at 2:30PM and by the time we got there, it was around 3PM. Most of us went back to what we were doing, but some of us went to a different group and tried out some different work. I actually tried painting for the first time this afternoon and noticed that it requires lots of effort and hard work to paint those walls.

Some people left the farm earlier than the others because there was a group who stayed behind and played basketball with the Chacaya kids. I was in the group that came back early so I am not sure what it was like, but from what I have heard, the games were quite fun and interesting. I also heard that all of the children (from Meadowridge and Chacaya), enjoyed playing with each other.

After dinner, we went to a “Fire Ceremony” and it was a very unique experience. I really liked it because it was a chance for me to try out something new, from a completely different culture. We started with inviting the spirits from seven directions of First Nations culture, sang songs, made offerings, and tried out a “Bone Dance”. The ceremony ended by releasing the spirits that we invited at the beginning of the ceremony.

Afterwards, we planned to have a meeting and I was supposed to do blogging at 8:30PM. However, some of us (including the teachers) were allowed to stay afterwards for around 10 minutes until the fire goes out. Somehow, this 10 minutes happened to be 60 minutes in the end. We were singing songs and none of us could keep track of the time. So, this is why I couldn’t blog yesterday (to give an excuse). Sorry for being late, but we get to read two days’ worth of writing today! Thank you.

By Zee Ann


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