We Get Down to Work

This was our fifth day in Guatemala and third day at Lake Atitlan.  It was a significant day because it was our first working day at the school in Chacaya.  In the morning we took a 20-minute hike to the village and we arrived around 10AM.  There weren’t many students at the school in the morning because their classes don’t start until 2PM.

After our arrival, we were divided into two groups: one building eco-bricks (a bottle stuffed with plastic garbage that can be used as a building material) and the other painting three mural pieces on the school’s outer wall.  We worked until lunch and then returned to the Yoga Farm to eat.

On our way back to Chacaya after lunch, we talked about raising awareness for the local residents to collect their waste instead of littering everywhere.  However, without a proper waste management system, and with many people having a lower level of education, this would be very hard.  We arrived at the school after 2PM to continue our work.

This time we were divided into three groups because the furniture had arrived, and a group was needed to put the pieces together.  We worked with the Chacaya students, with the help of adults.  We interacted, to the best of our abilities, with the local students in Spanish.  Sometimes there were confusions, but in the end, we formed friendships as we worked together.  At last, we returned to the Yoga Farm at 6PM for dinner.

By Alfred

Thanks, Alfred!  The teachers were so happy with how hard our students worked.  We reflected this evening about the difficulties of these projects.  Our students were courageous risk-takers who were willing and eager to get the most from these experiences.  Painting in the sun, picking up and packaging garbage, and assembling furniture are our main projects this trip, and we made an excellent start.  Great job everyone!

Miss Payne


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