We Meet the Chacaya Students

Today was a tiresome day because we did lots of sports and activities with the Chacaya students. Breakfast started at 8:15, but many students woke at 6am to take a shower. However, there was no hot water for the shower. There were some boys being risk takers (as IB profile learners) and showered in the morning.

After breakfast, we gathered together and had our first meeting with our “future friends” from Chacaya. I was really surprised that they were the same age as us, but with different heights. Some of the girls looked kind of shy, and they were afraid to look at us at first. There were a few boys that were really energetic and enthusiastic when they were introducing themselves! (They used English!!!!!) We did a bunch of activities with them together such as yoga, mural paintings, Frisbee, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and cards. We got along with each other through these games, and I realized that language was not a barrier of communication.

In the afternoon, when I was bumping volleyball with Danny, a small kid looked interested in it and wanted to join us. Also, we really wanted to try to get them involved in our mini games, so we did a small demo for him and started to pass it to him with our limited Spanish and exaggerated gestures. He looked very enthusiastic and started to play with us. At first, there was only one kid with us, but afterwards, they were about 1+1+1+5-3 people. I was so proud of myself……….. Thank you.

They were really “talentosos”. I was so impressed that they did street dancing EXTREMELY well, and they could walk with their hands. There was a boy called “Hugo”. His soccer skills were even better than Eric H. (who is the best soccer player in our group). There was another boy, Martin” who climbed as well as a monkey when the Frisbee got stuck in a tree. I was a bit upset that I couldn’t communicate with them in Spanish. Luckily, there was a guy called Louis who could understand and speak English!!!!!

By Mary


Great job, Mary!  This was our first venture into the town of Chacaya.  All of these students were off school on a Saturday, and they were there voluntarily to play, learn, and spend time with us.  The teachers were impressed with both sets of students jumping right in and trying to make friends and communicate.  We go back on Monday to start the real work!

Miss Payne


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