Mystical Yoga Farm

Hola Madres y Padres

I would like to let you all know we have arrived safely at our Yoga Farm on Lake Atitlan. We all woke up at 7:00 this morning, well rested, and packed up. We had a delicious breakfast and we were off on our journey. We had a long drive, from the hotel to the restaurant, it was about a 4 hour ride. The ride was beautiful. We got to experience so much of the wonderful country, from the urban to the rural area, and the wealthy to the poor area. In the main city we got to see different styles of architecture and the different families. As we ventured on, we got to see the poorer side of Guatemala. We got to see the contrast between the families in the city and the families in the poorer part.

We traveled on, the ride was a little bumpy but very enjoyable. We sang and made jokes together and had great time. Surprisingly, most students were sad that the bus ride was over.

When the ride was over, we had lunch right on the lake Atillan, but on the other side of our stay. Our lunch, consisting of chicken or fish, was delicious. After we were all finished, we took a boat to our stay. The boat was a short but fast ride.

When we arrived at our Yoga Farm, we met the different leaders of the farm. They gave us a short tour and we had a little bit of free time in our rooms. Following our free time we had dinner. Our dinner was a lentil soup and naan bread. Dinner was the last part of our day. We went back to our rooms and had some time with friends.

So far, this trip has been great, we have experienced very different parts of society in a short distance away from each other. If the rest of our days here go by as smoothly as today, we will have a great time

By Tejas


Tejas is a great storyteller.  Our rooms here are a bit more rustic, and the outhouses require scoops of sawdust.  The teachers are all very excited to have the students off the grid for a while.  You should see the stars out here!

Miss PayneIMG_5974


3 thoughts on “Mystical Yoga Farm

  1. Yamini

    Hola Tejas and all!

    Sounds like you all are having a wonderful trip:). We are really enjoying reading your blogs and getting a glimpse of your trip through the great pictures.
    Enjoy and make the most of this wonderful journey!

    Mom and Dad (Yamini & Sam)

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  2. Yamini

    Hola Tejas and All,

    Sounds like you all are having a fabulous time. We are really enjoying reading all the wonderful posts and getting to see a glimpse of your trip through the great photos.

    Enjoy and make the most of this amazing journey.

    Take care

    Mom & Dad (Yamini & Sam)

    PS. Apologies if you get this reply more than once. For some reason wasn’t posting.

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